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The department is elevated to a research centre of the University of Kerala in the year 1996.Initially there were three research guides from the department. Experts in the field of Commerceand Management from other universities also given guide ship in the centre. Around 40 scholars (JRFs, University fellows and part-time teacher fellows) were enrolled for Ph.D through the department. At present there are two research guides and 14 scholars in the centre. The following are some of the recently awarded Ph.Ds:

Thrust areas of Research offered by the Department of commerce:

1. Banking and finance

2. Portfolio management

3. Rural management

4.  Behavioural Finance

6. Micro Finance

Details of Research Scholars

  1. Archana
  2. Carmel Thomas
  3. Indhu L
  4. Moni M
  5. Bijimol

Part Time Scholars

  1. John Britto
  2. Jina R

Guide: Dr B. Johnson

Sl No.Name of the scholarTopic of researchName of universityDate of award
1Johnkutty P.Kudumbashree in Kerala- An Evaluation. University of Kerala27-07-2013
2Suresh Babu B.A Comparative Study of wire cut bricks and country bricks in Kerala.University of Kerala10-10-2013
3Deeja S.A Study of Food Processing Industry in Kerala.University of Kerala10-04-2015
4SwapnaK. CherianHuman resource management in KSRTCUniversity of Kerala2016
5Sreevidya P. V.Working of Advertising Agencies in Kerala.University of Kerala20-06-2016
6AjitharaniUnnikrishnanCustomer Relationship Management in BSNLUniversity of Kerala26-08-2016

Guide: Dr Biju T.

Sl No.Name of the scholarTopic of researchName of universityYear of award
1Suresh Kumar K.Cost Management Practices in Selected PSUs in South India.University of Kerala2017
2Vinod G.A Study on the accrual based system of accounting in Urban Local Bodies in Kerala.University of Kerala2016
3Biju S.K.Total Quality Management for Local Self Government in Kerala.University of Kerala2015

List of Research Guides

Current Research Scholars: Part- Time teachers- 7, JRF- 3, University Scholars- 4